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Our Services

Our Services

Whether residential, corporate or industrial, Husband & Wife Cleaning Service has the solutions you need. Below are some of our services, and if there’s something we forgot to mention, don’t hesitate to ask us about it!



House chores can be tedious and time-consuming. With Husband & Wife, you can focus on what you enjoy doing while we make sure your home gets the care it deserves.

personal organisation

Personal Organisation

Does your home or workplace feel cluttered and disorganised? our talented team has an eye for detail and will make sure your place is a sight to behold!

house cleaning

House Cleaning

With Husband & Wife, you don't need to worry about having a party at your house every day! Enjoy your party and leave the cleaning to us.

office cleaning

Office Cleaning

Running a business is hard enough as it is. We'll let you focus on your work while we make sure your workplace is impecable.


Strata Cleaning

Our experienced team of cleaners will make your property look and feel just as new as the day you bought or built it.

barbecue cleaning

Barbecue Cleaning

Don't let cleaning your BBQ stop you from enjoying a Sunday dinner with your mates. Husband & Wife will take proper care of your Barbecue area to let you enjoy it every day!

oven cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Go ahead and bake these muffins! While you make sure to get the recipe perfectly, we'll make sure to clean your oven perfectly!

one off cleaning

One-off Cleaning

You don't need to worry about signing a lock-in contract with us. We're ready even if you need us for a simple, single job!

end of lease cleaning

Bond/Lease Cleaning

Ending your lease and moving on? We'll help you make sure to get your bond money back.

linen and laundry


Having a big family or a hospitality business can often generate endless heaps of laundry. Husband and Wife's team will make sure that your laundry and linen look and feel brand new after every use!


Ironing Services

Iroing is many people's personal hell, especially when they can't seem to get it right. Our expert team will make your shirts look as sharp as can be!

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

Can't look outside because the windows seem impossible to clean? Leave them to us and enjoy the view!

builder's cleaning

Builders Cleaning

Building often generates heaps of dirt and garbage which could take you days to clean and suck out the joy from enjoying your new house. Leave the cleaning to us while you concentrate on getting settled.

high pressure cleanining

High Pressure Cleaning

Outside paving can get extremely messy and impossible to clean. Our gurney team will return it to its former glory so you can enjoy a nice day in the sun!

tile cleaning and sealing

Tile Cleaning and Sealing

Let the tilers do their job while husband & Wife make sure to bring out the shine you were looking for when you bought these tiles. There are so many jobs we can do. Check them out!

commercial kitchen cleaning

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Not only is cleaning your kitchen extremely important for sanitation, it can also be very troublesome. Let us take care of that for you so that you can keep making the delicious foods you enjoy.

bin service

Bin Service

There can be nothing more annoying than cleaning garbage bins, but that's a thing of the past for you with Husband & Wife Cleaning Service! We'll make sure they are squeaky clean and taken out to the kerb or back in as needed.


Remedial Works

Got a broken tile or a sink that needs regrouting, leave it to us! Check out our range of remedial works here!


Airbnb Services

Worried about renting your house out on Airbnb? We'll make sure it looks and feels new after every rent out!

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

let us help you get rid of those nasty carpet stains! Our steam cleaning service is your perfect solution.

seal testing slip

Seal Testing

Get your floor sealing tested and certified through our team of expert certifiers.

mattress cleaning

Mattress Cleaning

Restore your mattresses to their former glory. By steam cleaning them with us, they will be back as new and sparkly clean.

husband and wife cleaning service team

Labour Hire

Need a hand with regular cleaning duties and other jobs? Let us help you find the perfect match for your needs.

concrete cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete can be quite tenacious to clean, so leave it to us. We will also remove adhesive stains and clean & seal.

tile cleaning

Tile Cleaning

These tiles can be very difficult to clean, especially after years of use. Our expert team will give them their shine back in no time.

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